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Hi, I'm Laura.

I've been where you are—struggling to find the balance between moving enough while living and working in a society where we are encouraged (even rewarded) for a sedentary lifestyle of sitting.

This led to an epiphany that it’s less about exercise and more about infusing motion into your everyday life — at work, home, or wherever you go!

We know that a moving body is an engaged body, both mentally and physically. 

When we move, not only do we get healthier, we get happier, and we even get smarter. In other words, movement equals more innovation, higher creativity and a big boost to our overall well-being.

There's a better, healthier way to live, work, and play!

Join the movement.


Not another wellness initiative or program —

Packed with the latest research and brimming with ideas based on real-world case studies and stories, Workplace Wellness That Works takes a fresh approach to workplace wellness. Learn how you can shift the conversation from implementing yet another program to starting a movement. In 10 steps, Laura outlines tangible ways that you can make a difference in your employees’ health and happiness, and how you can promote an overall culture of well-being. 

"Laura Putnam's insights coupled with compelling stories and tangible action items will help any organization adopt a more creative approach toward transforming culture and influencing well-being."

— Chip Conley

Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy,
New York Times bestselling author of Emotional Equations


“For those who are seeking a practical guide to workplace wellness, here’s your answer. A book that’s packed with innovative ideas on how to take action today to improve employee health and well-being.”

— Dee Edington, PhD and Jennifer Pitts PhD

Cofounders of Edington Associates and coauthors of Positive Health as a Win-Win Organizational Philosophy 


"Dee Edington, PhD and Jennifer Pitts, PhD, cofounders of Edington Associates and coauthors of Positive Health as a Win-Win Organizational Philosophy."

— Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona School of Medicine and
International bestselling author of Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer